Personæ in Europe in March 2014

José Navas heads back to Europe for his new tour of the solo show Personæ, from March 12 to 17, 2014. This will be the fifth European tour for this show since its world premiere at the Concertgebouw Brugge (Belgium) in 2011, not counting its 3 sold-out weeks in Montreal, performances at Canada’s National Arts Centre in Ottawa and in Yokohama, Japan. This current tour starts with a reprise in Germany, followed by a special presentation by Queer Zagreb in Croatia, and a representation in the Netherlands. After those shows, José Navas will reunite with his 8 dancers for presentations in Europe, Canada and Costa Rica of his group piece Diptych.

In Personæ, José Navas leads the audience through his intensely personal meditations on desire and divinity, presence and absence, and how they interact with each other through six solos set to musical pieces of the choreographer’s choice. The work of a mature performer at the height of his powers.


Next European tour, from March 12 to 17, 2014

Dates Country City Venue
March 12, 2014 Germany Münster Theater im Pumpenhaus
March 15, 2014 Croatia Zagreb Queer Zagreb 2014, Zagreb Dance Theatre
March 17, 2014 The Netherlands Eindhoven Parktheater


photos: Valerie Simmons