Diptych on tour in March and April 2014

José Navas presented his latest group piece, Diptych, created in 2011 for the 8 dancers of the company. From March 19 to April 17 the show visited the Netherlands, Canada and Costa Rica, a first for the Company and its South American-born choreographer. Discover some exclusive rehearsal footage taken in Costa Rica by Dimitri Vanham.

In the group piece Diptych, set to the music of J.S. Bach, José Navas seizes the opportunity presented by the diptych form to segregate his two sides as a choreographer and dancer. While the first part is structured, controlled, precise, angular and architectural, the second part is more fluid, joyous and improvised, allowing the dancers to play along with the music rather than following it. Revealing a great classical influence in the contemporary work of José Navas, Diptych is an opera for the eyes.

Each performance was preceded by the short solo Prélude à Diptych, where the choreographer/dancer adresses the creation process behind Diptych.