Le Sacre du printemps / The Rite of Spring

José’s Rite of Spring

Invited to Belgium as part of the festival Chacun son Sacre, José Navas celebrated the centenary of The Rite of Spring by taking up the challenge of tackling this legendary music as a solo, accompanied by nearly a hundred musicians of the Brussels Philharmonic. Developing an organic connection with Stravinsky’s music, he offered his vision of the figure of the Chosen One, who dances to death. From the iconic figure he made garbed in a long black dress to the fragility of his naked body at the end, he danced to the point of physical and mental exhaustion, in symbiosis with the orchestra and its maestro, Michel Tabachnik. Utterly seduced, the 1,200 audience members of the Concertgebouw of Bruges leapt to their feet, greeting this world premiere with a long ovation. Fulfilled and excited, the dancer and choreographer is eager to repeat this experience in Montreal and elsewhere. Meanwhile, you can steal a glance of the experience in Bruges via our Facebook album and enjoy this excerpt from that powerful and memorable performance.