Créateur en Mouvement 2019-2020
Créateur en mouvement, a sneak peek at the creative process.

Créateur en Mouvement, a web platform established by Danse Danse, will be dedicated to the creative process of Winterreise. Through this initiative, the public is invited to take a sneak peek at the research and creative process, follow the evolution of a dance piece in real time, and experience a different side of dance.

Currently creating his new dance piece, Winterreise, that José Navas will share to the public through 10 dates at Place des Arts in February 2020, the choreographer invites you to enter in his studio, in his office and, sometimes, even in his thoughts.

Stay connected on the blog , on @createurenmouvement on Instagram and on the Facebook page.  

A sneak peek at Winterreise

  Hello, José Navas!