Critical acclaim from the press

  • S, a delicious show that evokes human nature with great restraint and infinite grace.” Les Soirées de Paris, Paris, 2011
  • “The work is elegant, intuitive and pure, and the dancers’ emotion so transcendent that it makes the show almost a spiritual experience.” Voir, Quebec, 2011
  • “The highlight of the CODA festival was S by Canadian José Navas. One would be obliged to search far and wide to find a more sacred and fascinating production.” Aftenposten, Oslo, 2009
  • “A masterful and geometrical fineness, of the utmost delicacy.” La Presse, Montreal, 2009

A few words about the show

Dancing the silence. Inhabiting the long phrases of the music of Erik Satie. Inhabiting the space, living it like a white page on which movement inscribes itself with the precision and energy of calligraphy. With S, his first piece for the large stage, José Navas evokes human nature through the expression of pure movement.

Eight dancers, stunning in their presence and vulnerability, present a choreography structured like a musical score. The choreographer likens these men and women to instruments crafted by Stradivarius. These virtuosos satisfy the highest technical demands, making the most formal movement personal and dramatic. An abstract and organic work. An encounter with grace.

The presentations of S are generally preceded by the short solo Villanelle, performed to the Cum dederit delectis suis somnum ANDANTE by Antonio Vivaldi


  • Choreographer: José Navas
  • Dancers: the Company
  • Music: Erik Satie (Gnossiennes, Gymnopédies)
  • Piano: Claire Chevallier
  • Lighting: Marc Parent
  • Costumes: José Navas/Compagnie Flak
  • Movement vocabulary was made in collaboration with the dancers
  • Length: 50 min
  • World premiere: December 10, 2008, December Dance 08 Festival, Concertgebouw in Bruges (Belgium)
  • Original cast: Alejandro De Leon, Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, José Navas, Mira Peck, Eldon Pulak, David Rancourt, Chanti Wadge, Jamie Wright
  • Photos: Michael Slobodian

S is a production of José Navas/Compagnie Flak in coproduction with the Concertgebouw in Bruges (Belgium), The CanDance Network Creation Fund, Danse Danse (Montreal), The Canada Dance Festival (Ottawa), The National Arts Centre (Ottawa) and the Centennial Theatre (Sherbrooke). It is supported by the Dance Section of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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