Winterreise | upcoming creation

A few words about the show

A contemporary dance and live chamber music version of the song cycle Winterreise by Franz Schubert

Eager to relive the joy of dancing with live orchestra for his Rite of Spring and to deepen the dialogue with Schubert’s Winterreise that he began in Rites, José Navas is working on a new creation based on that 24-part song cycle of Schubert. This new creation, choreographed and performed by José Navas, will be presented in collaboration with the chamber music ensemble Pentaèdre, in an adaptation by Normand Forget for wind quintet, accordion and voice.

This revisited work is inspired by the spirit of the Schubertiades, evenings where Schubert would play the piano for his friends, poets, singers, musicians or painters. A long romantic poem, Winterreise conveys powerful emotions through its sentimental themes: nature, affliction, grief, fate and love. Music reaches summits in colors, while lyrics tend to contemplative narration. On a cold winter evening, satisfied with good food and wine, guests are carried away by the entrancing sound of the accordion, joined by the flute, the oboe, the bassoon, the horn. Then the singer joins in… The journey begins.


  • Choreographer and dancer: José Navas
  • Music: Winterreise by Franz Schubert, lyrics by Wilhelm Müller
  • Adaptation: Normand Forget
  • Live performance: Pentaèdre
  • Musicians: Martin Carpentier (clarinet), Ariane Brisson (flute), Normand Forget (oboe), Louis-Philippe Marsolais (horn), Mathieu Lussier (bassoon), Joseph Petric (accordion), Voice (to be confirmed).
  • Photos: Nina Konjini
  • Length: ± 1h15
  • Production: José Navas/Compagnie Flak | Pentaèdre