Diptych: Navas, Bach and 8 dancers (preview)

José Navas presents, back-to-back, two distinct approaches to movement, set to the music of Bach for piano or cello. A piece for eight dancers which was premiered in Bruges in May 2011.

Personæ, a solo work by José Navas (preview)

José Navas presents, with these seven solos, a personal study of the relationship between desire and divinity. This is a work filled with daring and authenticity, which was premiered in May 2011 in Bruges.

Miniatures, a solo work by José Navas (preview)


Created in 2008, Miniatures retraces some of the highlights of choreographer José Navas’ life, through a series of seven solos, set to some very moving music. One of the most romantic works in Compagnie Flak’s repertoire.

José Navas in a creation residency for Personæ


December 2010. Following an invitation from the Danse Danse presenters and the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts, José Navas tests his work in progress, Personae, his new solo work. Report.

A videoblog for José Navas/Compagnie Flak

flakorgMontreal, May 19th 2009 – José Navas is embarking on the adventure of Web 2.0 by transforming his flash Web site to a videoblog. In addition to the traditional text content, the Web viewer can now view excerpts from selected shows and short interviews, in which the choreographer speaks about a variety of themes connected to dance. It’s an original and enticing initiative to open wide the doors of the company to those who are interested.

Thanks to Youtube and Facebook, José Navas/Compagnie Flak had already established an active Web presence. Today, the videoblog strengthens that presence at A space for dynamic and interactive encounters, this new tool aims to open a window on the daily life of the company and its creations, as well as to increase the understanding of dance and to stimulate reflection on the challenges confronting dance today. Aesthetically pleasing and convivial, the new site will appeal to the general public as much as to producers, the media, and other organizations.

“The idea is to provide an online conversation in order to create a long-term relationship with the public,” comments Christian Aubry the developer and maintainer of the blog. “Still largely underused in the dance world, the videoblog is a fantastic tool that promotes both distribution and intimacy.”

The site already features four excerpts from the solo show Miniatures, an excerpt from the group piece S, which be will presented in Montreal by the series Danse Danse in November, and three interviews with José Navas. He speaks of the concept of meditation in movement, recounts the experience of remounting Anatomies with a new cast, and calls for stronger political and financial support for the arts.